W6D1 of C25k Monday 7/10/2017

Alright, two things. One: I am afraid of the 22 minutes straight run. B) Yeah, I skipped it completely. It was raining. I think.

This is a five minute run, three minute walk, eight minutes run, three minute walk, five minute run. I did this around my neighborhood. I always perform worse around my neighborhood.

Overall Pace: 13:43 min/mile

Overall Distance: 1.75 miles

Time: 24:00

Fastest Interval: 11:46 min/mile

Okay, so my overall pace was shitty. My fastest interval was good. Honestly, I fucked myself on that first interval, going too fast and losing my staying power. I shat the bad halfway through the last five minute run, hence my dismal over all pace.

Stupid Heat. Stupid Hair.

Alright. So I’m sweaty af. I’m one of the sweatiest mother fuckers that ever lived. The worst part is not the sweating itself, but rather the fact that it takes me HOURS to stop fucking sweating.

Yeah. It’s gross. TMI. Whatever. Stop reading about my sweat.

Anyway, established fact: I am sweaty.

In the summer it is hotter when I run, therefore I sweat MORE and for LONGER, even after I stop activity. Which fucking blows. So the last thing I need to do, after I take my cold af shower in the too fucking humid gym locker room is somehow add more heat to my already overheated body. Do you know what that means? Heat styling-aka blow drying, straightening, curling-is a no go. That shit just makes me sweat and sweat and sweat and sweat.

Therefore I must air dry. Now my hair is a freaking weird texture. It’s not quite straight. Not quite wavy. Not quite curly. Also it’s pretty fine. On the finer side at least. So when I air dry without using anything I look like this:


I’m not sure how to describe what’s going on with my hair. I’ve got some sort of weird kink maybe 4” from my scalp. Some of it’s pretty curly. Like that bit on my left. Why can’t it all curl that nicely? Then there are the straight pieces, which, okay if they were all straight this would be fine. Of course, the whole shebang is frizzy as all get out. What’s a girl to do?

I’ll tell you. Try out some product.

Hold onto your hats (to cover your poorly air dried hair), I’m going to try some shit.

W6D2 of C25k Wednesday 7/5/2017

In case you’ve forgotten, this is two ten minute runs separated by three minutes of walking.

Overall Pace: 12:34 min/mile

Overall Distance: 1.83 miles

Time: 23:00

Fastest Interval: 12:06 min/mile

Including warm up and cool down, I went 2.39 miles and burned 322 calories.

Fitness Delay

Alrighty, so this posting my runs/work outs in “real time” aka like the same day is clearly not working. I am actually taking time to do my shit (for the most part) but I do not have the time to post my shit.

Partially, I can blame this on Mr. Husband for taking the laptop while he was out of town for a week and a half. But really, let’s not lie, it’s cause I’m lazy.

Sooooooo I shall be posting my runs/workouts on a two week delay.

W6D3 and W6D1 of C25k

I’m combining these into one entry.

Yesterday, I tried to to W6D3 (22 min straight of running) but failed miserably. Like I said in my last post, I knew that soreness from a lower body workout was going to kill me and boy, did it. Honestly, I could have powered through most of it, but my hamstrings were killing me. That’s from the deadlifts. Other things that were killing me: my ass. Those weighted glute bridges (I think I wrote down “Hip Thrusts” in my journal) mean business.

Anywho, 22 min of running, but I lost it just after the halfway mark. My overall pace was 15:32 min/mile. Ew. Whatever, writing that off as a loss.

Today, I did W6D1 (5 min run, 3 min walk, 8 min run, 3 min walk, 5 min run).

Overall Pace: 13:17 min/mile

Overall Distance: 1.81 miles

Time: 24:00

Fastest Interval: 12:20 min/mile.

Including warm up and cool down, I went 2.40 miles and burned 320 calories.

I didn’t keep up with my performance last week. Le sad. In my defense, I ran just before lunch and it was about twenty million degrees and I was super dehydrated, likely because I drank a bunch yesterday. We’ll see how I do on Wednesday.

I Didn’t Skip Leg Day

I’m sorry. I couldn’t help myself.

Anywho. I bought myself a teeny tiny workout notebook. I was gonna get a moleskine, but those bitches are expensive. I’m talking $14 for something I get for $1 at a comparable size. So this is my workout notebook:


And this is what I did today:


I’m not transposing it. You’ll just have to read my shitty ass handwriting. Also I did some ab stuff, crunches, Russian twists, leg lifts, etc.

I am still freaking sore from Tuesday. And I bet I’m going to be sore tomorrow. Better not impact my run.