Closing the Gap

Alright, so that phrase is a thing about the wage differences between women and men.

This post is NOT about that.

It is about a comparison between a man and woman.

Specifically Mr. Husband and myself, respectively.

I thought I had mentioned this in one of my first posts and maybe I did, but in my admittedly brief scanning of previous “weight loss motivation” posts, I saw neither hide or hair of it. (Is hide or hair a real phrase? teh Google says yes.)

But another of my smaller goals is to weigh less than Mr. Husband.

may have been reluctant to post about it because not only did I outweigh Mr. Husband, but I outweighed him by over FORTY pounds. The thought may have crossed my mind that while I did not mind my weight being out there for the ENTIRE INTERNET (read BFF and Mr. Husband) to see, he might not have the same feelings.

Well, I’m disregarding his feelings. And I no longer outweigh him by a ridiculous amount.

This lady, right here, weighs 196.2 pounds. Mr. Husband’s weight fluctuates between 185 and 191ish.

The gap is closing. One of my interim goals is in sight. In fact, it is so close that I cansmell it. (FYI, it smells like that stinky, sweaty headband I accidentally wore for four workouts in a row after stashing it in my gym bag, which smells disgusting, but in this case, that smell is the scent of victory.)

I’ve got my sights set on you, Mr. Husband. And let’s not lie, I’m going to work both sides of the gap. I think I see a Frosty headed your way after dinner.

All the Other Kids with the Pumped Up Kicks

Honestly, I’m not sure what that means, but I think it has to do with cool shoes.

This post has to do with cool shoes.

Guess who got herself some cool new shoes.

Yeah, that’s right. Me.

My running sneakers were, well, super fucking sad.

They were also getting a bit too wide for my feet, which meant RUBBING. Which meant blisters. Which meant discomfort. And you know what? I already hate running enough. I don’t need to add more pain to that nonsense.

So to the running store, I went.

could have picked up some running shoes on Amazon (my one true love) or at Dick’s. (hehe. I’m like twelve, for serious.) But I still needed a wide width and I wasn’t 100% if I needed anything fancy with regards to arch support or “pronation” or whathaveyou.

Therefore, I took my beat up sneaks to Mojo Running. After a quick conversation with a salesperson, possibly named Jasmine, I tried on a couple of pairs of shoes, ran around the building (AND DID NOT GET OUT OF BREATH! OR SWEAT!) and purchase this spiffy pair of Asics Cumulus.


Aren’t they pretty?

I’ve already done a run with them and I definitely noticed the difference. They were snugger than my previous shoes (in a good way) and felt pretty damn good.

Yay new shoes!

PSA: Get Your Skin Checked

First things first, I’ll get this out of the way: I do not, at this time, have skin cancer.

Now that that’s over, I will say that I am an extremely mole covered, extremely fair skinned person.

If I am out in the mid-day summer sun for five minutes, I will turn the color of a boiled lobster. My skin burns at the drop of a hat.

So I make it a point to go to the dermatologist for a check-up every year.

I went last week and had my many and various moles and birthmarks and freckles checked and was okayed by my doctor. I had her check the same three ones twice.

(“I swear this one is bigger.”

*Doctor peers at mole on my boob, peers back at tablet with my chart. Shakes her head*

“Nope, same size it was last year.”

Repeat times three)

However, I did elect to get two moles cosmetically removed. One was more or less on my left collar bone and didn’t bother me from an appearance perspective, but that fucker got caught on my seatbelt more times than I care to count and that shit fucking HURTS. And since I was doing that anyway, there was a mole under my left brow bone, very close to my eye, that literally NO ONE ELSE (okay, this is not true, my mother knew what I was talking about immediately and said “yes, your eye mole” in a tone that implied I can’t believe it took you this long to get that monstrosity removed) could see because it was covered by my glasses. But it’s existence pissed me off.

So here are some pics of my moles, pre-removal:

eye mole 20160126_143038


And this is what I looked like shortly after removal:


Honestly, I felt it when they scraped the collar bone one off. Local numbing and I do not mix. I think it’s one of the many curses of being a ginger. So I winced and the nurse caught it and was like “you felt that?” Yup, yup, I did.

So they were kinda crazy about the eye one. I got a lot of numbing shot into me. They kept asking me if I could “feel this” and then poking me with the needle. It took seven shots, which, honestly, means nothing because I don’t know how much they were depressing the plunger. But I ended up feeling that one not at all and my entire left eye area was completely numb for about half an hour.

You are supposed to keep the “biopsy site” clean and covered for about a week. Which is fine for the collar bone one. Well, mostly. I’m a freak and vaguely allergic to the adhesive on most bandages. So the area around the site is all red and puffy and looks ridiculous when I take the band aid off to clean it.

The eye one is a PAIN IN THE ASS. It is SO close to the corner of my eye. The band aid being on my eye lid drives me insane. So I kept it covered the first three days, then after that only at night.

They both itch a ridiculous amount. I know healing skin is supposed to itch, but I think I’m special because instead of pain, I get itchy. They started itching shortly after the numbness wore off. I’ve been surprisingly good about not itching them. But I really fucking want to.

Anyway, you should really get your skinned checked annually by a dermatologist so you catch skin cancer before it fucks you up.

I Work Out…Not So Much

After my run last Monday, I hit the gym to pump some iron on Tuesday.

Dear Lort.

I didn’t do anything too intense. The whole session of weight lifting lasted a bit over half an hour. It was mainly focused on upper body: chest, arms, back, but I incorporated some lunges and squats to get more bang for my buck (bicep curls with front lunges, upward press with side lunges, etc).

Holy shizzle. I hurt A LOT. Not just on Wednesday. But on Thursday and Friday, too. My run on Wednesday sucked balls. I said fuck it maybe two thirds of the way through and moved on to core stuff. On Thursday and Friday, life got in my way. Thursday I went to a concert in Columbus with Mr. Husband, not as cool as it seems. I’ll post more about that later. Friday…well, I slept in until 11AM on Friday, as it was my day off, and then spent my afternoon getting things done (like making doctor’s appointments and renewing my registration and figuring out when to renew my license, etc) and Monster had a piano recital that evening.

Whatever. Life gets in the way sometimes. It happens. I refuse to let it stop me.

I’m running again tomorrow and I’m lifting again on Tuesday. KOKO.

Weight Goal!

This chick, right here, typing this blog post is OFFICIALLY under 200 lbs! Hopped on the scale this weekend and it showed a lovely 199.6 lbs.

That brings my total loss to 35lbs since September. Booyah!

That’s some good shit right there.

Now I just need to keep it up. It’s been difficult to eat properly. I’m getting better at making sure I run three times a week, and I’ve been doing a quick core workout after I run, but I still haven’t managed to fit in the lifting anywhere near reliably.

So I really need to re-commit to nutrition and focus on adding in the weights.

Day ?? of C25k (W6D2)

Alright, so I stopped keeping count of my days. Also I’ve been repeating Week 6, like, A LOT.

Anyway, I’m writing about this one because it was freaking gorgeous, so I ran outside.

Another fun thing: Mr. Husband ran with me. He isn’t exactly in shape, but he’s more athletic and has always been more “in shape” than me. I didn’t actually mean fun. I’m blaming my fast pace for the first portion of my run on his presence because like I’ve previously said, I push myself way harder when someone is watching, which isn’t necessarily a good thing.

So this is how I did, after running inside for a few months:

Pace: 12:49 min/mile

Distance: 1.79 miles

Time: 23:00

Fastest Interval: 12:16 min/mile

Longest Interval: 0.82 miles

Including warm-up/cool down, I went 2.38 miles and burned 321 calories.

Basically, I’m where I was pre-holidays. Which is kinda meh, but at least I didn’t backslide.

ADHD – How Things Rolled – Part 7

Alright, I was supposed to post this in  DECEMBER, but I did something wonky and didn’t ACTUALLY schedule it. So here you go, the final post in my ADHD saga, two months late. 

Two doses a day seemed like the magic number!

There was one slight issue, which I had been told to potentially expect. My mouth was getting dry like whoa. Honestly, I managed this by drinking a metric fuck ton of water, which is also good for your health apparently. I also have some like dry mouth mouthwash samples that I’ve never used and have been meaning to try.

I saw Dr. Mindy to check up and make sure everything was good. This was my dosage.

Okay, so I’ve been on “maintenance medication” before. Usually, if there’s something you’re taking every day for a crazy amount of time (birth control, metformin, cholesterol meds, blood pressure meds) the doctor can usually call in your prescription, give you a year’s worth of refills and you’re set for awhile.

Not so much with Adderall.

This is how it works (according to Dr. Mindy).

She could only give me three months at a time. She could not call it in to the pharmacy. She had to give me three separate prescription papers, one for each month. I had to remember where they were and remember to go in to get refills.

You should have seen the face I gave her. It was like you do know what I need this medication for, right?

To her credit, she chuckled at my evident disbelief and told me to keep it in my purse and set up reminders to get them refilled in my phone, like I did for everything else and I’d be fine.

I mean, that’s what happened and I was fine, but still, that’s crazy sauce. Hello absent minded, forgetful people. Here’s something you need to put in a safe place and remember to decrease your absent mindedness and forgetfulness. Good luck!

So that’s the story of my Adderall. I go back every three months, check in with Dr. Mindy, get more prescriptions.

Now, Adderall works for me. It might not work for everyone. It also doesn’t work all the time and though I might make it sound like it, it didn’t miraculously make my life problem free. Not even a little. But that’s a post for another time.